Cedar, Alder, Yew wood

Cedar, Alder, Yew wood: native to Haida Gwaii/ Queen Charlotte Islands these natural woods are continued to be celebrated in many art forms in the hands of the Haida.

Bear & Frog Mask
Accomplished wood carver, also well known for his poles and masks.
Bear House Pole

Bear Mother Rattle
A beautiful rattle with bear on one side and mother on the other, another famous Haida legend portrayed as "Bear Mother".
Beaver Pole

Black Canoe
Haida style canoe accompanied with 11 miniature paddles carved from yellow cedar.
Cedar Hat

Cedar Paddle

Copper Canoe Mask

Eagle Drum
Eagle drum by Haida Artist Reg Davidson. Original artwork with three eagles and a frog.
Eagle Frog Mask


Miniature Bear Pole

Moon Mask

Northwind Blowing Mask

Portrait Mask

Raven Bringing Light to the World
A Skeedans Crest from remote Haida village of Haida Gwaii.
Raven Mask
Placed upon the head and articulated, transports one instantly into the deep woods of Haida Gwaii.
Raven Stealing The Light Pendant

Raven Transformation Rattle
This Raven Rattle shows the transformation from raven and Bear.
Red Cedar Wolf Mask
Red cedar wolf mask with cedar bark and operculum by Haida Artist Reg Davidson.
Shaman Mask

Spruce Root Basket

Yellow Cedar Moon Mask

Yew wood Spoon

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