Gold & Silver Haida Jewellery

Gold & Silver Jewellery: Handcarved Haida jewellery by skilled carvers of Haida Gwaii.

Each piece is original and signed by the artist.

On this site we are featuring a few pieces, we also carry more variety in our gift shop. For example various bracelet sizes, rings, earrings and pendants. Please call us if you have a specific request.

Cycle of the Salmon
Bill Bellis designs "Cycle of the Salmon" to celebrate the life of the salmon
Dogshark Pendant

Haida Beaver Pendant

Haida Eagle Bracelet

Haida Eagle Pendant

Haida Killerwhale Pendant

Sculpin Bracelet

Silver Bear Bracelet
Silver bear bracelet by Haida Artist James Sawyer.
Silver Octopus Bracelet
Silver Bracelet carved by Haida artist Marcel Russ. Octopus design.
Wasco Bracelet & Three Killerwhales

Crystal Cabin Gallery, Haida Gwaii, Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia, Canada.
BC West Coast Native art, argillite & wood carvings, Shaman masks, medicine pouches & poles.
Gold, silver, quartz crystal gemstone jewellery, pendants, cameos, rings and bracelets.
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